Review: zigs.mp3 – forever ago

“‘forever ago’ is a wistful bop I wrote and produced. It’s about growing apart from someone you loved, and celebrating the times you had while knowing that you can’t go back. I wrote it when I was living in New York and I finished the recording in Los Angeles.”

We need to take a moment to talk about zigs.mp3, she’s the latest and greatest to grace our platform with her presence and she’s a fireball of joy and excitement. With her latest work, ‘forever ago’, the promising artist delivers a jaw-dropping performance. Regardless of your taste in music, zigs.mp3 brings a little bit of everything for everyone.

Pay attention to how rich her lyrics are and how her voice gracefully dances over the instrumentation and you’ll surely fall in love. Talent like this is rare to find so be sure to connect with the artist online to stay up to date on what’s happening next and enjoy!

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