Creating innovative music that tells a timeless story is a difficult feat, but for Violette, the ability to harness both originality and universality is the underlying strength that defines her artistry. After a successful chapter of her career as a rock-pop front woman, Violette is stepping into the spotlight of her own stage, opening the curtains to reveal a solo project that is a bright reinvigoration of her past achievements.

Violette released a catchy new single two weeks back and if you’re looking for something upbeat and fun, ‘Mine’ is right up your alley. Violette’s ability to deliver catchy one-liners over melodic electro-pop beats makes for a great time. The energy throughout the track is exciting and playful and Violette’s vocal and writing style demand your full attention. ‘ Mine ‘ is a colorful, bubbly, and lovable tune that’ll surely get stuck in your head for all of the right reasons. 

“I wrote ‘Mine’ during a period of writer’s block a few years ago, before I finished my first EP, ‘When I Lose My Head.’ It started as more of a folk song, just voice and an acoustic guitar. I really wanted to tell a story about obsession getting out of hand and I think the finished version explodes with the narrative perfectly.” – Violette

Check out ‘ Mine ‘ for yourself and don’t forget to connect with Violette online to stay up to date on any upcoming releases and enjoy!

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