Review: Vanessa Gimenez – Doing Better

Vanessa Gimenez doesn’t so much write songs as conjure dreamscapes for listeners to lose themselves in. It’s a talent she began honing while fronting Bristol-band Swimming Girls – racking up millions of streams along with triumphant turns at Glastonbury and at Shepherd’s Bush Empire. It’s only since going solo that Gimenez has begun to realise the true scope of her creative potential.

Vanessa Gimenez caught our attention with her latest release a couple of weeks back and we’ve been obsessed with her sound. Her creative direction is incredibly passionate too—if you have yet to see any of her music videos, you should, all of them (check out the artist’s music videos here YouTube). 

“‘Doing Better’ is a post breakup song at its core. But the message can be applied to many things in today’s society. I feel like a lot of people feel the need to ‘one-up’ each other, probably because of things like social media toxicity. It is really funny though when you remove yourself from it and just observe people being weird.” –Gimenez says

The track is a nice pick-me-up and it’s a perfect track for all of your upcoming Summer activities. If you like the song, go ahead and share it with your friends, and don’t forget to connect with the promising artist online to stay up to date on any future releases.

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