Early in her career, UPSAHL released songs which gained much-deserved recognition throughout the Phoenix music scene. As a graduate of the Arizona School for the Arts, she went on to ignite a groundswell of fan adoration and tastemaker praise by way of numerous indie alternative gems.

Photo by Kohl Murdock

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Talented, fearless, and wonderfully creative, these are just a few words in which we could describe UPSAHL. She possesses a very passionate and metaphorical writing style, which was what initially grabbed our attention with her past material. UPSAHL’s voice is soft and angel-like as it dances around the instrumental and you can’t help but get lost in a daydream whenever she starts to sing. So kick back, close your eyes, and enjoy ‘Melatonin’.

Whether you’re a fan of electronic or pop, UPSAHL has a sound that’ll hook you from the start, guaranteed. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think, and don’t forget to support the artist by giving her a follow on social media.

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