Review: Tayler Buono – People Are Lovely

Nashville-based pop singer-songwriter Tayler Buono has released her latest single, “People Are Lovely”, a heartfelt tribute to friends, family, fans, and everyone who has played a special part in her journey. This anthem for togetherness, connection, and unyielding love comes at a time when many people are experiencing distance and loneliness.

Tayler’s soft, sweet, and sincere vocals are beautifully accompanied by the gentle strums of an acoustic guitar and the melodic tinkling of a piano. The song is part of her eagerly awaited debut album “Stay Dreamy”. The impact of “People Are Lovely” extends beyond Buono’s fan base, as the song has been hand-selected by Simon Cowell to be featured in upcoming seasons of Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent.

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