Review: Tassia Zappia – Like Ooh

Tassia Zappia, Italian born in Melbourne, doesn’t gloss over the little things in her music. She approaches her lyrics with a keen eye for detail only amplified by her show-stopping delivery, outsized vocal flare, and free spirit. Listening to the Australian singer and songwriter can feel like being in the room right next to her during some momentous turning point. Signed to Republic Records in 2021, she introduces herself in a series of singles.

Tuesday again? There’s a cure for that. Tassia Zappia has a brand new track out and it brings together everything you need to kick your week off right. Catchy vocals, super slick instrumentation, and upbeat energy to get you through the day. Regardless of your music taste, we’re confident you’ll enjoy this new record just as much as we do.

“During a writing trip to LA I met a new guy and we really hit it off. After I went back home to Australia, I just couldn’t get him off my mind. “Like Ohh” is a sexy, playful song about craving a person knowing you may never see them again. I had the best time making this with my collaborators Lauren Christy, Jon Levine and Entente.” -Tassia

Check out ‘Like Ooh’ for yourself and let us know what you think, and don’t forget to support the artist by giving Tassia Zappia a follow on social media.

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