Review: Sonictron – Own It

Sonictron’s song “Own It” is a captivating blend of dark pop and cinematic elements, creating a unique and hybrid sound that sets the duo apart in the music industry. The song is brooding and haunting, filled with a dark intensity that is balanced by a fierce message of empowerment and self-ownership.

The duo, Skylah and Mason, have been working together as singers and songwriters for years, and their chemistry is evident in the song. They formed Sonictron during the pandemic, using the turmoil of the time to focus on their drive and passion for music. Their influences include acts such as BANKS, Neoni, and Labrinth, and these inspirations are evident in the song’s unconventional electro sound.

“Own It” is a testament to Sonictron’s dedication to authenticity and sound exploration. It urges listeners to embrace their innermost desires and express their truths, embodying the duo’s belief in personal and societal liberation. The track is a potent anthem for living life on one’s own terms, highlighting Sonictron’s distinctive style and individuality.

In terms of the artist’s background, Sonictron has big plans for the future, including international performances and the dream of having their song featured in a trailer. Their music is represented by various Sync Agencies, and they continue to create music that resonates with their listeners and reflects their personal identities. Sonictron’s message to their listeners is clear: don’t be afraid to show who you really are. Sonictron’s “Own It” is a powerful, haunting song that encourages self-empowerment and authenticity. The duo’s unique sound and strong chemistry make the song a standout in the music industry.

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