Review: SEA GIRLS – Young Strangers

‘Young Strangers’ by SEA GIRLS is an energetic indie pop anthem that captures the spirit of young relationships and self-discovery. The track, a collaboration with Kid Harpoon, highlights airy, breathy vocals and lively melodies atop vibrant beats and catchy instrumentals, giving way to a lively, almost otherworldly soundscape.

The band’s distinctive indie rock sound is captured in this track, where the verses are low-key but are followed by a big chorus that has a super-hooky last line. In terms of lyrics, it provides a deep and meaningful contemplation of the chaotic times in life and the likeness of two individuals who have only recently met as a sign of the common human experience despite being strangers. Young Strangers is a testament to SEA GIRLS’ knack for creating infectious and intelligent tunes, and it remains a highlight in their ever-growing discography.

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