Over the years, Sara Diamond has crafted an incredibly unique sound, perfectly in tune with her enticing gift as a powerful vocalist. Blending her vocal strength seamlessly with her clever song-writing, her music has caught many ears and cap- tured millions of hearts all over the world.

Sara Diamond is the latest and greatest to land on our radar today. The promising artist is electro and pop music together to create something truly unique. Titled ‘Alright’, the new single feels vibrant and catchy. Showcasing a powerful vocal performance from start to finish and polished off with light drums, ‘Alright’ is simply irresistible.

“Honestly, Alright is about all the things I wish I could have said in a past relationship. I have communication issues, and instead of fixing what was wrong, we let the relationship die. Looking back, I would have used more honesty, empathy, and transparency. Alright is a symbol of the type of relationships I hope to have in the future” -Sara

Check out ‘Alright’ for yourself and don’t forget to connect with Sara Diamond online to stay up to date on any upcoming releases and enjoy!

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