Review: Salt Ashes – Love, Love

Salt Ashes, aka Veiga Sanchez, burst into the music scene with her signature dark synth-pop melodies and zeitgeist club sound – all of which was inspired by Giorgio Moroder’s blend of disco and epic dark atmospheres. In 2014 she released singles “Somebody” & “If You Let Me Go”, which reached the Top 5 on both Billboard & Music Week’s Dance Charts, as well as winning MTVU Freshmen & MTV IGGY’s Artist of the Week.

‘Love, Love’ was released a couple of weeks ago and we’re still going hard on the repeat button. Salt Ashes’ colorful and exciting production style is enough to keep our attention no matter how many times we click play and that alone is pretty incredible. The wonderful Salt Ashes brought her best work to the table and solidified the hit with her incredible vocal performance.

“This is a song for all the commitment-phobic people out there. I wrote it when I started dating an old friend… I couldn’t get my head clear on what I wanted, which is unusual for me, or the worry of it ruining our friendship if it didn’t work out. Normally I’d do a runner at the first sight of a relationship getting even slightly serious but this had me questioning whether to try staying for once and giving it a go.“Salt Ashes says

Whether you’re a fan of electronic or pop, Salt Ashes has a sound that’ll hook you from the start, guaranteed. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think, and don’t forget to support the artist by giving the promising artist a follow on social media.

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