Review: Roe Kapara – Make The News

Over 1 million people on TikTok have viewed and connected with this song. The first line of the tune, “If I blew my brains out, I wouldn’t make the news”, is what it feels like to live in a world where we constantly put the needs of the 1% before our own.

Not only do we find Roe Kapara’s music incredibly fascinating, but the technical skill and instrumentation always hit a sweet spot with us. We find that Roe’s music is always upbeat and original (check out the artist’s Spotify). But that’s not to take away the special talent and passion Roe has for writing incredibly catchy and non-conforming styles of music genres, and it’s safe to say we’ll be lifelong fans of Roe’s talent from here on out.

Check out “Make The News” for yourself and don’t forget to connect with Roe Kapara to stay up to date on any upcoming releases and enjoy! 

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