Review: Olivia Wik – Let’s Dance

As artistically diverse as she is distinguished, Olivia Wik has followed the bold beat of her creative heart to gain international recognition as songwriter and deep-thinking artist who uses her experiences, instincts, and industry savvy to create genre-bending songs that exemplify the core and complex emotions of being human.

Upon hearing the latest from promising artist Olivia Wik, all of our expectations were immediately blown away. Titled ‘Let’s Dance’, this track highlights some of Olivia Wik’s most honest work to date. From her genuine writing approach to her upbeat energy, ‘Let’s Dance’ features polished vocal harmonies, and signals a new direction for the artist in her entirety.

Regardless of your music taste, we’re confident you’ll enjoy this new record just as much as we do. Check out ‘Let’s Dance’ for yourself and let us know what you think, and don’t forget to support the artist by giving Olivia Wik a follow on social media.

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