Review: néomí – somebody’s daughter

Néomí, a Surinamese-Dutch folk-pop artist, is an example of an artist who creates compassionate music with “somebody’s daughter” that touches the human connection and sensitivity. Her music, which started from acoustic folk to a more indie-pop style, is gently poignant and has a bit of an edge that reminds one of Phoebe Bridgers. The birth of the new ethereal artist néomí began with a piano education that she didn’t want, and later she learned to play the guitar on her own listening to Ben Howard.

Her musical talent, however, shocked the world and won her a spot in one of the music schools in Amsterdam. Néomí’s songs are not mere melodies but poetic art, where her growth and recovery are captured in a narrative way. “somebody’s daughter” is about her creative skill in composing songs that are both colorful and meaningful.

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