Review: Molly Moore – Jameson

For as much as New York-born and Los Angeles-based songstress Molly Moore’s music speaks to a 5G generation, her straight-shooting lyrics, soulful timbre, and psychedelically spun style transcend eras. Molly’s art quietly impacted pop from behind-the-scenes and in the spotlight. 

Our favorite rising artist Molly Moore is back with an exciting new single, titled ‘Jameson’, the new song showcases a unique blend of electro and pop. ‘Jameson’ really does take the cake though. Not only does it possess all the traits we love about discovering new music. But it’s passionate, energizing, and last but not least, it sounds fucking awesome. We’ve been following Molly for more than three years and will continue to do so. Great music like this is hard to come by. So, don’t pass this up, you’ll regret it.

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