Review: MIZZI – Good Good Feeling

MIZZI is a pop artist based out of Los Angeles fueled with bombastic attitude and infectious melodies. She’s a multi-platinum songwriter and a blend of sweet sugar and extreme high energy.

The promising artist MIZZI released their groovy pop tune ‘Good Good Feeling’ last week and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you’re really missing out. Not only is this release a gem for any follower of electro-pop or pop releases, but MIZZI is focusing more on her vocal delivery and vocal techniques to blend something new and exciting.

Sure we love the punchy kicks but ‘Good Good Feeling’ is a burst of positivity and sunshine because of how well MIZZI writes and sings. For fans of electro-pop, MIZZI is making her way as the next big thing you need to know about. Don’t forget to subscribe to the artist online and enjoy!

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