Review: Micayl – Half Hearted Lover

Micayl sings about the fear of not being able to love with a full heart. In the visuals to the song, Micayl reflects the message of the lyrics in detail: worlds of colour that match the emotional state and a music video strong driving visuals.

Micayl’s new single—titled “Half Hearted Lover”, is a track between Lo-fi Pop and Dream Pop with stunning vocals, dreamy synths, and a rhythm so exciting it’ll have you humming and singing along in no time.

What feels like an effortless attempt at writing music with a purpose, Micayl is a rare type of artist that impressed us. His “Half Hearted Lover” attitude showcases a relatable and honest side to his music that we fall deeper in love with every new record he releases (Check out the artist’s Spotify).

Check out “Half Hearted Lover” for yourself and don’t forget to connect with Micayl to stay up to date on any upcoming releases and enjoy! 

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