Review: Meyru – Theatre Party

While “Marcy” can be considered the climax of the album, opening track “Theatre Party” sees the band elevating the core of what makes them Meyru. Steady builds, strong riffs, and just enough off-kilter magic to remind you this is rock ‘n roll. Its the ideal opening course for an album that sees the band flipping the script. Slow Up is forward focused, not a nostalgia trip.

Released just last month, Meyru released an exciting new gem titled ‘Theatre Party’, the catchy guitar and powerful and rich vocals will make humming and singing a long, trust us. Meyru’s writing technique is some of the more impressive skills we’ve seen in weeks. Because at the end of the day, the band has yet to release a record that we haven’t completely fallen in love with. They just keep getting better and better, check their Spotify to know what we are talking about.

As a band we care deeply about making albums as opposed to one off singles. We always like to have a full body of work that has a theme or a consistent thought throughout. When we wrote this record, I don’t think we really had any idea what that theme would be, but now that it’s done, it’s pretty clear across the board. ‘Slow Up’ has a lot of meanings to all of us personally but I think in general it’s about taking a step back from the fast pace of our first 5 years in NYC and as a band. It’s about realizing that maybe it’s time to mature or grow up a bit… but ultimately failing to come to terms with that.

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