Review: Matt-Felix – Heavy Glow

Born in France to French/English parents, Matt-Felix grew up in Bali, Indonesia. After falling in love with music in his early teens, he moved to England, looking for a place and a scene better suited for his development as a songwriter.

London-based artist, Matt-Felix released a beautiful and meaningful song the other day titled ‘Heavy Glow’. The upbeat electronic-inspired pop track carries a very unique and original-sounding vocal style. It’s original, it’s expressive, and it’s wildly addictive.

Matt-Felix is a special type of artist with a very unique set of skills, one of which is the ability to convey such strong and rich emotions within his music. We look forward to watching the young artist blossom and we can’t wait to hear more in the coming months. Don’t forget to connect with Matt-Felix online to stay up to date on whatever’s happening next and enjoy!

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