Review: MAD CIRCUIT – Move With Me

Mad Circuit, the creative brainchild of acclaimed Norweigan producer Joachim “JR” Rygg, has seen many forms, iterations, and collaborations over the years, culminating in an eclectic catalog of dancefloor-ready hip-hop.

We’re enjoying MAD CIRCUIT’s latest. Titled ‘Move With Me’, the indie-pop record brings a lot to the table. It’s fun, catchy, and easy to follow along with. But more importantly, it showcases an impressive writing style and unique vocals that only MAD CIRCUIT could deliver. Regardless of your music taste, we’re confident you’ll enjoy this new record just as much as we do.

Check out ‘Move With Me’ for yourself and let us know what you think, and don’t forget to support the band by giving MAD CIRCUIT a follow on social media.

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