Review: Leen – Still Make Your Tea

Having a very big passion for music and being someone who went through a lot of difficulties would absolutely be good enough reason to create music that inspire. Leen is this kind of artist who started a music career from scratch. After losing almost everything, her home being destroyed and her youth being ruined by the war in Syria. She left her family by the age of 18 and immigrated to Sweden.

Leen is perhaps one of the greatest songwriters we’ve ever come across in the last few weeks. We’re excited to share with you her latest, titled “Still Make Your Tea”, Leen delivers a jaw-dropping performance from start to finish. The emotion and energy Leen brings to the table are unmatched, never holding back, and always stays true to herself, the promising artist’s music impressed us, check out her Spotify.

Whether you’re a fan of electronic or pop, Leen has a sound that’ll hook you from the start, guaranteed. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think, and don’t forget to support the artist by giving the promising artist a follow on social media.

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