Review: LaVance Colley – On Top Of The World

LaVance Colley’s interest in music began at age three while listening to gospel music. He has fused the presence, range, creativity and fervor of a gospel vocalist with the versatility and ins and outs of Jazz and the heart of Rhythm and Blues to develop a style all his own.

We have a massive crush on LaVance Colley’s new single ‘On Top Of The World’. Not only is the Los Angeles-based artist is insanely talented songwriter… but we really like the overall creative direction he’s headed. The song, which places the majority of its focus on the lyrics and vocal harmonies, is led by a warm cinematic texture all throughout the song.

‘On Top Of The World’ is such a beautiful song and we’re excited to hear what else the artist has been working on. Until then, take the time to really soak this one in. Check it out and don’t forget to connect with LaVance Colley online to stay up to date on any upcoming releases and enjoy!

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