Review: JEEN – Chemical Emotion

JEEN has entered the 2020s with boots firmly planted in the current musical landscape. JEEN (2020), Dog Bite (2021) and Tracer (Oct 21, 2022) could be a trilogy of sorts. A strong reflective collection and a call on song to navigate these last couple of years.

JEEN never disappoints. Her music is fantastic, her personality is charming, and for a talented artist who cares about quality, nobody does it better. With her latest ‘Chemical Emotion’, the single highlights her rich and beautiful vocals, and what really grabbed our attention is JEEN’s unique writing style, and you guys know how much we appreciate that.

We have so much to look forward to still and we can’t wait to see what the artist has for us for the rest of this year. If you love “Chemical Emotion”, be sure to follow JEEN on social media to stay up to date on what’s happening next and enjoy this one.

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