Review: Izabel – nothingbadwillhappen

“nothingbadwillhappen is about being in that early stage of adulthood where you’re finally starting to understand how “the world works”

Today’s a great day to stream the latest from Izabel’s new single. Titled ‘nothingbadwillhappen’, the laid-back production takes the listener on a lyrical journey backed by witty verses and soothing hooks. All-in-all, ‘nothingbadwillhappen’ is a strong record that will have you hooked from the start. From the imagery behind the lyrics to the design of the instrumental, you’ll be humming along to the music in no time.

“This song was written a couple years back during my incredibly ignorant teenage phase. I was at my worst mentally, and above all angry with the life I was given. I wanted to run away. The song is written in first person, being who I thought I would be if I followed through with this fantasy. Of course not every detail, but for the most part. It also covers the perspective of how I viewed life and society at the time (focused only on negativity, and romanticizing bad choices which clearly no one ever should).” -Izabel says

It’s safe to say we’ll be following this promising artist more closely in the coming months. In the meantime, be sure to connect with Izabel online to stay in the loop. Enjoy!

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