Review: HĒIR – it’s good until it isn’t

Little by little, year by year, singer/songwriter HĒIR has taken it in. Born in Russia not long before an early move to Italy, HĒIR (born Patricia Manfield) followed her musician parents around the globe.  While in university, HĒIR attended a fashion show at the invitation of a friend and was quickly spotted for her statuesque look. She’d spend the next few years modeling for national campaigns – Adidas, cK, FENDI, Dior, Versace – and building a following on social media of fans enamored with her effortlessly cool style.

We’re obsessed with this new track from promising artist HĒIR. The bouncy instrumental and dreamy soundscape makes this the perfect track for Summer, It’s soothing and HĒIR’s voice is phenomenal. Also, we love the lyrics and the arrangement of the song—bouncing to and from spacey drum breaks to upbeat rhythm sections. HĒIR‘s style is unique and I think it’s safe to say we’re officially hooked. Hopefully, we’ll hear more from the artist soon but until then, go ahead and keep this on constant rotation.

Check out ‘it’s good until it isn’t’ for yourself and don’t forget to connect with HĒIR online to stay up to date on any upcoming releases and enjoy!

“When my Executive Producer Joe was working on the beat I thought that was one of the most emotional things he had ever done, it just needed a story. It put me in 3 different moods, the start , the central part and the ending had different elements that put me in different emotional states. Straight away I told him I needed it but it wasn’t easy to write to so we didn’t Make much of it. I wrote the song last summer about a real story that happened to a friend. It’s a heartbreak song, it’s about a girl who’s all dressed up in the club waiting for the guy she likes. But the worst nightmare happens when she receives a call by mistake from that. same guy to only then hear him sleeping with somebody else. She was in a total state of shock, it was so surreal, it’s the type of thing you would never think could happen to you. The 3 different parts of the song represent the 3 emotional states she went through: the first one was sadness and disbelief, the second one is ‘’I deserve better, joke’s on you ’’while the third one transitions back into feeling horrible. We decided to use this as an ‘’opening trailer’’ for all the new songs I’ve written about heartbreak. Because it completely changes you, your perception of love and of what you need to FEEL. You rarely become numb to heartbreak but in time you start thinking everybody can hurt you and that can really affect the way you live relationships.” –HĒIR says

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