Greg Orrē (pronounced gregory) is an artist living in Saskatoon who expresses his creativity through songwriting, poetry, visual art, video and design.

Greg Orrē is the latest and greatest to land on our radar, the promising artist released his new song ‘Blood Moon’ just a couple of weeks back and we haven’t stopped thinking about it since. Everything from the vocal work to the unique and charming instrumentation, Greg Orrēs ‘Blood Moon’ highlights not only the artist’s unique vision but further emphasizes how much talent the multi-instrumentalist brings to the table.

Greg Orrē’s performance is strong throughout the entire song and we love the unique voice he’s bringing to his work. It’s safe to say we’re already looking forward to hearing more from the artist in the coming months. In the meantime, don’t forget to connect with Greg Orrē online and enjoy!

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