Review: Felicia Lu – Something Regrettable

‘Something Regrettable’ from Felicia Lu is one interesting and poignant song, displaying Felicia’s outstanding ability to write poetry in song and music. At first, the song plays a soft, sad piano tune that instantly creates an air of contemplateness and self-reflection. Her delicate yet striking voice transmits the greatest feeling of helplessness, which combines with sheer honesty. Beautifully worded lyrics that tell a story about love, tragedy, and human complexities.

Her candid depiction of sentiments like remorse and nostalgia strikes a chord. Among other things, the chorus stands out with an eerie tune ringing in one’s ears for a moment after the song is over. It has got a perfect smoothness and still has that special feeling that goes with the performance of Felicia. To sum up, something regrettable is a heart-touching and well-crafted song that firmly strengthens to Felix Lu’s place as an upcoming music artist.

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