Review: Erica Manzoli – Rock Bottom

Rising singer-songwriter Erica Manzoli has today (29th April) released her stunning debut EP, I’m Okay, I Promise, via The Orchard / Sony Music.

When it comes to writing original-sounding music, Erica Manzoli is doing it right. With her latest, titled ‘Rock Bottom’, the indie-electronic-inspired record brings to light some of the more forward-thinking production techniques I’ve heard in weeks. Everything from the textures, the sound design, the instrumentation, etc.. ‘Rock Bottom’ is an audio-stimulating experience from start to finish.

“I think when you’re having a hard time, allowing yourself to be vulnerable can be exhausting and it’s tempting not to try at all. Sometimes when I’m completely happy I get anxious that I’m not anxious and wait for something to go wrong. So there’s some comfort in knowing things can’t get worse! In the second verse I sing ‘I can’t even take a shower, what’s the point when I’m going back to bed’, which I wrote on feeling hopeless, and to show the cyclical kind of mindset you can fall into. I feel like basic human self-care is easy to ignore when you’re suffering mentally and that’s the lesser-seen side of depression that people don’t often talk about.”Erica Manzoli

It’s safe to say I’ll be following Erica more closely in the coming months, but in the meantime, we’ll have ‘Rock Bottom’ on constant rotation. Don’t forget to connect with the promising artist to stay up to date on any upcoming releases and enjoy.

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