Gabi started Enrose with the hopes to collaborate and create something larger than herself, which is exactly what she intends to do. Gabi wants her music to encourage aspiring musicians to explore their own artistry, blur the lines of genres, and step out of the box of what’s “conventional.” With class, style, and soul, she strives to be a strong female leader with a powerful voice in music.

Our new favorite duo Enrose shared with us a brand new single titled ‘Disease’. The single highlight their impressive writing style that we admire and their stunning vocals. If you’re new to the name Enrose, these guys have been making and writing gems that need your attention, check out “Good Day” and “Comatose” for yourself.

We love how bold Enrose’s sound is and we look forward to hearing more from the band in the coming weeks. In an ocean full of artists and bands all trying to sound the same, Enrose stands out in a powerful way. If you love “Disease”, be sure to follow the band on social media to stay up to date on what’s happening next and enjoy this one.

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