“My full name is Elvira Johansson, 35 years old from a little town in Sweden but living in Stockholm since 2009. I’m an artist and songwriter within the pop rock, indie rock genre. I’m not born into a musician family and I didn’t learn any instrument in my younger years, but I have always write poems. My deepest passion is to touch others through my lyrics, as music has touched me through life. I’m inspired by Metallica, Queen, Jessie J, Pink and Against the current to name a few.”

Stockholm-based artist Elviise is back with a new single. Titled ‘Never Yours’, the new track showcases a variety of beautiful harmonies, light guitar work, and infectious energy that’ll have you coming back over and over again. Perfect for fall and winter, we love the moody and laidback atmosphere that surrounds the instrumental track.

Overall, ‘Never Yours’ is a gem from the inside out. Truly. And it’s safe to say we’re already looking forward to hearing more from the artist in the coming months. In the meantime, we’ll just keep this one on constant repeat.

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