Review: Ellur – Innocent (Dreaming)

Hailing from Halifax, 20 year-old artist Ellur is an infectiously authentic indie-pop artist who sings about the challenges and thrills of modern day romance and break-ups with compelling originality.

There’s nothing quite like it. Ellur continues to impress and entertain with her upbeat energy, infectious guitar melodies, and passionate lyrics. From the storytelling to the instrumentation, Ellur does it better than most. The promising artist has a rather unique feel and sound that can’t be mimicked or replicated. It’s fun, exciting, and incredibly catchy.

All-in-all, ‘Innocent (Dreaming)’ is quite possibly one of the best songs we’ve heard all month. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think down below. Don’t forget to connect with Ellur online and enjoy!

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