Review: Dreebsby – Death of Me

The first of 3 singles from his EP ‘5AM’ , Death of Me is a tempting alt-pop anthem for your late-night afterparty. Following the album theme exploring modern romance, crooning Weeknd-esque vocals over a unique blend of disco and dancehall tells the story of meeting someone who you know is trouble, but giving in to the temptation.

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Dreebsby’s ‘Death of Me’ is a must-hear, the laid-back but infectious energy kept us on our toes from start to finish. The new single feels like a rare discovery that only gets more and more interesting as you listen through. A true reflection of the rather remarkable talent behind the artist’s original and meaningful writing style.

‘Death of Me’ is truly a work of art and we look forward to hearing more from the promising artist in the coming months. In the meantime, don’t forget to connect with Dreebsby online to stay up to date and enjoy!

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