Review: Diana Goldberg – BLACKBLUEYELLOW

DIANA GOLDBERG is a German-Latvian pop artist and singer- songwriter based in Munich. Musically, she began with classical piano at the age of 5 and competed in numerous nation-wide classical piano competitions since the age of 7. The older she got, the more freedom and space she claimed for herself in music.

Admit it, all Diana Goldberg does is drop hits, check out her Spotify down below. As far as discovering new music, very few artists tend to amaze us as much as Diana does. From her strong direction to her vocal performance, the promising artist remains a unique force within the musical landscape of electro pop. So much in fact that we’re constantly amazed by Diana‘s work.

It’s safe to say Diana Goldberg is just as proud of this track as we are and it’s an honor to share it with you today. Check out ‘BLACKBLUEYELLOW’ for yourself and don’t forget to connect with the artist online to stay up to date on any upcoming releases and enjoy!

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