Review: Cupid Girl – Claustrophobia

Stages of Healing describes the five stages of grief after a heartbreak and mirrors Cupid Girls’ process of dealing with distressing emotions before reaching the stage of acceptance. With rock and funk infused guitar hooks accompanied by powerful vocals being the signature of her sound, Cupid Girl provides a nostalgic, analog and romantic atmosphere.

Today we’re super excited to share with you Cupid Girl’s latest release, ‘Claustrophobia’. An upbeat indie meets pop record that’ll surely get you humming along. The production is bright and colorful and Cupid Girl’s lyrical style is not only unique but it’s expressive, the promising artist has a sound that we really love and with material like this, we can only expect great and wonderful things to come from the artist.

Go ahead and share the song with your friends and don’t forget to connect with Cupid Girl to stay up to date on any future releases or updates. Enjoy!

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