Review: Courtney Paige Nelson – COLD LIKE GEMINI

Courtney Paige Nelson is an American singer and songwriter who was born in San Francisco, California, and currently resides in Los Angeles. Despite facing adversity, including being kicked out at 17 and surviving child abuse, she has persevered and become a successful artist. Her music is deeply personal and draws from her life experiences, with lyrics that are honest and vulnerable. Her latest single, “COLD LIKE GEMINI,” is an intimate look at emotional turmoil within a relationship and the different variables that cause it. The song stems from a tumultuous relationship where she found herself entangled with an individual who underwent a distressing transformation when the drinks poured in and a toxic, controlling, and worrisome side of them came out.

The song paints a vivid picture of an intense argument that unfolded between them, leading to their sudden departure, only to return and linger outside her apartment, relentlessly bombarding her with late-night phone calls. Through poignant lyrics, the song captures the profound frustration and unease that arise when confronted with the volatile nature of a relationship plagued by the effects of substance abuse.

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