Review: Connor the Alchemist – Dopamine

Accompanied by a solitary guitar and a boyhood dream, Connor the alchemist embarked upon his vision of forging a career in music. Hooked on a feeling of disentangling the signs and the search for meaning, He sat in silence composing as he put pen to paper driven by an ambitious pipe dream.

Released just a couple of months ago, we love Connor the Alchemist’s single. Titled ‘Dopamine’, the gem delivers an infectiously catchy experience from start to finish that we really love and enjoy. It showcases a beautifully simplistic production topped with beautiful and rich vocals that almost feel dreamy. If you’re looking for something fresh and meaningful, you can’t go wrong with this. Check out “Dopamine” for yourself and let us know what you think, and make sure to follow Connor the Alchemist on social media.

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