Review: Cloudy June – Unthinkable

The young artist’s biggest success so far is her single ‘Pretty Pills for Broken Hearts‘, which now has over half a million streams on Spotify. The track owes its success mainly to Cloudy’s clips on TikTok. The sound to ‘Pretty Pills for Broken Hearts’ now has over 850,000 video views on the app.

Listen, we’ve been following Cloudy June for a while now but it’s because the artist consistently raises the bar with every new song she puts out. Known for her catchy writing style, Cloudy June brings a unique tone to her music that we can’t help but come back to over and over again. ‘Unthinkable’ will get stuck in your head as soon as you listen to it. I guess that’s the cost of making music this good.

We’ve been on a high kick with Cloudy June’s work lately. Why? Because it’s some of the more laid-back material we’ve devoured over the last few months and now we can’t wait to hear more. In the meantime, go ahead and give ‘Unthinkable’ a spin and discover your new favorite artist, interested in hearing more? Make sure to follow Cloudy June online.

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