Review: Bryn Christopher – High

Bryn Christopher, renowned for crafting hits for stars like Sigala and Louis Tomlinson, emerges into the limelight with his exhilarating single “High”. Released on October 20th, this track showcases Christopher’s transition from behind-the-scenes maestro to a formidable frontman. His voice, a blend of power and soul, elevates the song’s vibrant dance melody, echoing the lyrics’ high-spirited sentiment. “High” embodies a euphoric energy, capturing the essence of Christopher’s passion for live performance and his natural flair for stirring, soul-infused dance music.

The song’s chorus, “this energy is taking me high, high, higher than I’ve been in my life,” resonates as more than just a catchy hook—it’s a testament to Christopher’s journey and his readiness to conquer larger stages. His declaration of wanting to perform more, leaving behind mere karaoke sessions for intimate audiences, signals a promising and exciting trajectory for this British talent.

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