Review: Bonjour Madame – naked

“There aren’t a lot of moments of my free time that I’m not sitting in front of my computer either making music or doing research. One way or another, if I don’t bring myself to be the best artist I can be, I know I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.”

Adrian aka Bonjour Madame released a catchy new single just a couple of days ago and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you’re missing out. Titled ‘naked’, Amille brings a fresh new sound to his music that’s infectiously catchy and completely underrated.

It’s exciting, it’s catchy, and Bonjour Madame brings charming energy that you can’t help but fall in love with. For fans of electro, here’s the song you didn’t know you needed. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think, and don’t forget to support the artist by giving Bonjour Madame a follow on social media.

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