Review: Bo Milli – Chewing Gum

Bo Milli’s “Chewing Gum” is a break from the norm, merging wistful lyrics with an infectious beat. Bo Milli’s voice, with its distinctive character and tenderness, is just right for the song. The powerful melody allows her full expression of depth without destroying lightheartedness. As for the song itself, it was well-produced. The combination of modern beats and frivolous instrumentals kept things interesting to listen to. The song’s lyrics are clever and likable, dealing with the themes of youth and nostalgia in a way that is resonant on both personal and collective levels.

The beauty of “Chewing Gum” is its balance, a song that weaves together stunning storytelling and an irresistible rhythm while making the end practically feel like it never ended. This track is one of Bo Milli’s finest examples. As a noteworthy talent on the indie music scene, her accomplished abilities can be seen in this song.

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