Review: Ash Olsen – DAT THING LIKE ME

Not many rappers grow up on a farm. But Norway’s biggest breaking talent, 21-year-old Ash Olsen, isn’t your average rapper. Spinning hypnotic rhymes inspired by her life in rural Norway with the bravado of an American street rapper, she’s ready to graduate from her bedroom to the big stage.

Ash Olsen delivered her best yet with her new single ‘DAT THING LIKE ME’, the hip-hop-driven production places focus on Ash Olsen’s vibrant writing style and elegant voice. She’s a strong performer that brings a lot of talent to the table and it’s safe to say she has our full attention.

“I’ve been working on the ‘ASHY’ EP for a very long time and I’m overjoyed that it’s finally out. ‘DAT THING LIKE ME’ is one of the highlights. The song and the lyrics have a playful vibe, and we had a lot of fun making it.”Ash Olsen

Ash Olsen’s creative vision continues to intrigue us and we can’t wait to hear and see what other material she’s working on. From her aesthetic to her tone and delivery, Ash Olsen is a gem from the inside out. Don’t forget to connect with the artist online to stay up to date on any upcoming projects and enjoy!

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