Review: Alex Amor – Colour Me

Glowing with star quality, Alex Amor finds a delicate balance between indie and dreamlike alt-pop as she gracefully describes the arrival of a special person using a lyrical pallet awash with colour: “Pocket full of sunshine / Need shades to see her / Golden in the day time”.

Alex Amor is the latest and greatest to land on our radar for several reasons. First off, we were blown away by the artist’s unique writing style, from her soft and soothing voice to her rich lyricism, Alex is a gem from the inside out. Writing from a passionate and often relatable songwriting stance, her new song “Colour Me”, will have fans of indie music turning into lifelong fans.

Either way, we see a lot of potential in Alex’s music and it’s safe to say we’ll be keeping better tabs on her going forward. In the meantime, subscribe and give the artist a follow to stay up to date yourself and enjoy!

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