Olmo + Mathilda – Two emerging avant-pop musicians (Francesco and Frank) are poised to release their debut album with the arrival of ‘Fake People’ on 19th April and will pre-empt its release with a brand new visual clip for ‘Love Song’.

Wielding an array of superlatives following the release of their single ‘Little Camera’ in 2018, the band follow it up with ‘Love Song’, it’s plaintive entrance giving way to up-tempo pop song that sets out their intentions from the off. 

They say: “Love song is an old fashioned song about love songs running through your head all day”.

The band, released a gorgeous new music video today and if you’re big on visuals, you’re going to love this. Their new song, ‘Love Song’, Not only does Olmo + Mathilda sound amazing throughout the song, but the music video shows us a creative and upbeat side of the artists that you’ll soon fall in love with. Olmo + Mathilda is cool, calm, and collected… further proving she was born to do this. Don’t forget to subscribe to the band and enjoy.

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