Premiere: Mathis Xavier – Light up My Cigarette

L.U.M.C. is an Ode to Mathis Xavier’s dating profile. Why such a recurring pattern, he thought. ‘When you ain’t sure, you’ll find me on the floor crushing in my room to a rock n roll tune’. With over 6 guitars, a whole horn section and 3 more back vocalists, it is Mathis Xavier’s attempt to make peace with past lovers, and make a sad song he could at least dance to. ‘I can’t help but tell the truth, I never win and don’t think I ever will. At least, now I can say it’s fine with me.’

Canada based Mathis Xavier, we were amazed by his wonderful voice, From the very first moment of the song, you will feel that this is the singing voice you want to hear until the last breath. Not only singing, it’s magic.

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