Review: Plastic Skin – No Plans

Plastic Skin is a brand new project comprised of Donovan Ferra of Fallen Roses, Mexico’s Eduardo Lopez, and newcomer Jorge Porragas. Their sound is a mixture of genres and influences oscillating between lo-fi beats, bossa nova, jazz, r&b and Latin music. The trio’s debut single ‘No Plans’ is due for release on 21st April via Majestic Casual.

We love this new record from promising artists No Plans. Everything from the instrumentation to the vocals style is light and infectiously catchy. The atmosphere of the track is really warm and inviting and it creates a sort of timeless experience around the song, It’s great for relaxing and tapping your foot to. Either way, you’ll be singing or humming along by the end of the song.

“Jorge initially wrote it just to make something that was fun and catchy, he wanted it to be the song you listen to when you were having a good time; to decorate happy memories. The song has a very lighthearted, chill vibe but with a little more complexity and energy.”  Plastic Skin says

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