Plàsi – Vienna

Plàsi is the Swedish singer-songwriter who has passed 13 million streams on Spotify and whose artist name means “creation” in Ancient Greek. Creation is an element that is present all through Plàsi’s life in the form of passion for songwriting and for other creative innovations and endeavors. He has also managed to create his own sense of musical style, one that feels stripped back and genuine.

Plàsi has the magic touch when it comes to writing catchy music. His new song, ‘Vienna’ is the perfect example of just that. Whether its the energetic instrumentation or Plàsi‘s relatable and catchy vocal style, ‘Vienna’ will get stuck in your head for days. We checked out some of Plàsi’s other work that’s available on Soundcloud and we were impressed by the level of quality in Plàsi’s songwriting skills—so if you’re a fan of this record, we encourage you to check out some of his other work. Spread the word and share the new single with your friends and don’t forget to connect with Plàsi online to stay up to date on any future releases. Enjoy this piece art!

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