“Statue” is the second single to come from Nashville’s most prolific uprising female pop artist. With her last single “Every Room” storming the scene, Grasso has made an unforgettable mark on the music city scene. With her ambient powerhouse vocals and modern visuals, Olivia’s aesthetic is a trademark of originality. The single was written by Olivia Grasso, and Tommy Iceland. Produced by David Kerckhoff and Olivia Grasso, mixed and mastered by Nate Miles.

Olivia Grasso is the latest and greatest to land on our radar and for good reason. The promising artist delivered one impressive new track that’ll win over anyone with good taste. So impressive in fact that it’s currently one of our daily go-to’s and a personal favorite of the platform.

‘Statue’ is such a beautiful song. It’s expressive and moody in all the right ways and we’re excited to hear what else Olivia has been working on. Until then, take the time to really soak this one in.

Go ahead and give this a spin and discover your new favorite artist, interested in hearing more? Make sure to follow Olivia Grasso .

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