NVDES – Do You Think About Me

A sensuality full of melancholy, full of dancing vibrations and an iridescent groove of hope, here is NVDES which unveils the very good Do You Think About Me.

Here, the movements clapping notes intertwined in synthetic torments, bitten by riffs of electric guitars. Under the suave song, the harmonies have moiré reflections that are lost in lancinating percussions, lulled by a delicate rhythm.

Based in LA, this collective created by Josh Ocean announces an EP The NVDITé vol.1 EP for August 11, enchanting with an atypical energy and a singular mixture between dream pop bursts and languorous echoes contained in their combinations delicately fusions groovy.

Getting carried away by their mischievous pulsations is then a breeze, claiming that the warmth of their notes burns the skins, with an addictive mutine sweetness.

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