Review: Notelle – Sufjan Stevens

Based in Nashville, TN, Notelle has been working since 2014 with DJs and producers around the globe. She has accumulated over 19+ million streams on Spotify, as both a writer & a vocalist, with repeat features on over 16 Spotify Editorial playlists and tracks signed to over 15 + labels – all while remaining independent. 

Notelle is the latest and greatest to land on Keep Walking Music radar. Titled ‘Sufjan Stevens’, the up-and-coming artist showcases some of her best writing yet. From the harmonies to the verses, Notelle shines from start to finish. The lyrics are powerful and the instrumental brings everything together beautifully.

We were blown away by Notelle’s writing abilities and the level of creativity behind the track. We don’t know about you but Notelle has our full attention going forward and we look forward to hearing more from the artist in the coming months. Take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think, interested in hearing more? Make sure to follow Notelle.

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