NOSOYO’s newest single, “Attitude” from upcoming album “Loud & Shameless”, is dedicated to all the people who did not get support when they spoke up about something unfair in their past and yet have become dreamers who believe in shaping a better world. It is about raising your voice whenever you hear the phrase ‘This is the way things have to be’ and questioning the status quo to not let anyone steal your spirit. 

NOSOYO is a new name around the Keep Walking Music blog and we’re absolutely thrilled about it. NOSOYO making electro-pop gems with a clean and polished sound. With their latest, titled ‘Attitude’, we’re given a taste of what incredible songwriting abilities NOSOYO brings to the table and we’re so excited to see what the band has been working on over these last few months.

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to support the band by giving NOSOYO a follow on social media.

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