From lo-fi rock to electronic blues, No Money Kids takes us on a musical road-trip through the post-industrial wild west. Fleabag motels, flashing neon signs, memories in the rear-view mirror, the duo speeds through the night on a forgotten highway towards a cinemascope horizon.

NO MONEY KIDS made their return two weeks ago with the release of their new single ‘CROSSROAD’. We love their vocals performance and we thought their lyrics were particularly great here for a couple of reasons. The duo delivery and the deeper meaning behind her lyrics grabbed our attention and after a few listens, it really started to resonate with us. NO MONEY KIDS has an undeniable talent for writing and we’ve admired their past work a great deal. With the release of this new single, we’re left anxiously waiting for more and we can’t wait to see where the duo goes from here.

Take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think, interested in hearing more? Make sure to follow NO MONEY KIDS.

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